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about me


My name is Wayne​​ Egers. I hold a PhD in English Literature from McGill University (specializing in film and cultural studies), an MA in English Literature from the University of New Brunswick (focus on coming of age narratives in Canadian and American fiction and film), and a BA with First Class Joint Honours in English and Philosophy from the University of New Brunswick.    

During the 6 years that I worked as a graduate teaching assistant and 2 years as a writing tutor, I helped students from diverse academic disciplines to improve their communication skills and creative and critical thinking. In addition to academic editing, I also have edited book manuscripts and community profiles, wrote scripts for slide shows and feature films (the film scripts were personal projects), and carried out research for software and Internet companies.

I also worked for 12 years as a graphic designer for the University of New Brunswick, and at present, I'm researching stories that explore the relationship between the climate crisis and spirituality.   




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