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fiction editing



I can analyze your fiction or script for plot, theme, characterization (for example, dialogue and effective use of body language cues), style, tone, and so on. In keeping with my philosophy about editing, my main goal is to help you to communicate what you want to say. 

At university, I studied creative writing at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and I have won awards for both poetry and short stories. While writing my PhD dissertation on the films of David Cronenberg, I wrote a feature-length screenplay to gain insight into the script-writing process. Recently, I have been researching character-centered screenwriting as part of my preparation for the documentary film I'm making on the relationship between climate change and spiritual traditions.       

+ Free sample reading of your story or script: If you send me 10 pages of your manuscript, I can evaluate whether my I can help you with your creative project. If I believe that we can successfully collaborate, I'll suggest that you send me the rest of your manuscript. Then, I'll give you a price quote before beginning a further analysis or edit.




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